Wittenberg approves surveyor search for housing

Luke Reimer

The Wittenberg Village Board approved for Wittenberg Area Development Corporation member Dick Beversdorf to contact a surveyor for land in the village that could potentially hold housing.

The approval came during the board’s Aug. 1 meeting. The 14 acres of land that the village board proposed is in the business park in the village.

“I called Dick and his idea was that the development corporation does not know for certain what’s going on with the developer and specifically what part of that 14 acres they are going to want,” said Village Clerk Traci Matsche. “We felt that the best thing to do at this point is to go ahead and have a surveyor do the full 14 acres as one lot and then when we know what the developer is going to want, the surveyor can break it up into two parcels.”

Matsche noted that the village cannot wait, because Ehlers Inc., who Beversdorf is in communication with about taking land out of the business park for housing, would not be able to get a proposal together.

She added that Beversdorf will contact different surveyors immediately to get someone to the village quickly.

“He will talk to the surveyor, say here is the situation and tell them that they are going to have to break it down into two separate lots at some point in the future, but right now we have to get a parcel number to get Ehlers working,” said Matsche.

Wittenberg Village Board President Bill Switalla noted the village’s need for housing.

“We need housing, we don’t have any — I would like the village to do better,” said Switalla.

The village does not have a quote, but to get the ball rolling on the process, the board approved to search for a surveyor. It will approve the bill at a later meeting.