Town hall needs to open to public again


To the editor:

Abuse of the COVID-19 Emergency Order of Wisconsin is happening in the Town of Little Suamico. The town is still claiming an emergency order, and citizens do not have full access to their town office now since April 2020. Over 1½ years later, and the town still feels the emergency order should be in effect when everything else is open. When this happens, citizens have no access to monthly check information as previously provided at meetings (i.e. we have no clue what our tax dollars are being spent on). When transparency is lacking, you lose trust.

I have requested a copy of our monthly expenses to include the check register and documentation for a particular month that we used to receive at town meetings and was denied.

Without transparency, citizens are not aware of what is being spent in our town monthly. Specifically, when checks are being written for approximately $9,000, $7,000, and $3,000 reimbursements to town employees as listed in the audit book of 2020, we deserve a full explanation.

Taxpayers deserve to have full access to our town hall and not just by email or call. We, as a town, need to demand of our leaders that our office be open full service as we deserve and pay taxes for. Enough is enough; please open up the Little Suamico Town Hall so we have normal full access to our town that the citizens of Little Suamico deserve.

Beth Trudell, Sobieski