There’s no time like the present

People often feel nostalgic about the past. People often feel fearful about the future. People should spend more time embracing the present.

I’ve had many conversations with family and friends about the way things used to be. They always seem to be more plentiful after the holidays when we all have taken some sort of trip down memory lane.

So many remember a simpler time when life didn’t seem as rushed as it does now. There’s a somewhat misguided belief that everything was purer years ago and bad things never happened. It’s a nice thought, but it just isn’t true. If you want to see how evil people could be, read a history book about the Holocaust or the Spanish Inquisition.

Each generation yearns for a simpler time, but that’s not what we’re here for. It’s our job to embrace the advancements we’ve made and pave the way for future generations to do the same.

I am not about to give up my cell phone to go back to the telegraph system.
Although it’s nice to take an occasional trip down memory lane, I have no desire to take up residence. I like to simply review the journey because it gives me hope for the future.

In the movie “Titanic,” Rose — the old woman who survived — had the opportunity to board the ship that had found the wreckage. She brought with her pictures of herself showing the adventures she had made of the life afforded her by her survival.

I think the main reason so many people fear the future is because they haven’t made enough good memories in the past to carry them through the unknown. They also fear it because there is so much gloom and doom being expressed by people who want to affect your decision making. We all pay a price for the stress of that constant barrage of future fears.

Wouldn’t it be nice just to be able to enjoy the here and now? I’m not advocating that we forget the past; we need to remember it, or we’ll be condemned to repeat it — as the saying goes. I’m not saying we should not be making plans for the future. I’m just saying we shouldn’t make those plans based on fear. Embrace the changes that are coming and think about how they can make our lives better.

We need to make the most of our current relationships; sometimes that means investing more time and effort, but it also means letting go of those toxic relationships. We need to enjoy and make the most of each day so we can have good memories to look back and face the future with confidence.