State council to host info sessions on invasive species

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council will host a series of virtual information sessions regarding proposed revisions to the state’s Invasive Species Identification, Classification and Control Rule.

There will be a total of four virtual sessions. Each session will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. over the next six weeks and feature groups composed of experts and representatives who provide input to the council on specific species.

The rule classifies invasive species in Wisconsin as prohibited or restricted and regulates the transportation, possession, transfer and introduction of those species. The rule also establishes preventative measures to show what actions we can take to slow the spread of invasive species.

More information can be found on the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council’s webpage, including all slide shows, lists of species and regulatory recommendations.
The sessions are as follows:

• Feb. 21: Terrestrial Vertebrates, Terrestrial Invertebrates and Plant Disease-Causing Organisms And Fish and Wildlife Diseases Species Assessment Groups.

• Feb. 28: Noncommercial Use Plants And Agronomic Plants Species Assessment Groups.

• March 13: Aquatic Plants, Aquatic Invertebrates And Fish and Crayfish Species Assessment Groups.

• March 20: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants And Woody Ornamental Plants Species Assessment Groups.

To register for these events, visit the DNR’s meetings and hearings calendar.