Retzlaff says charges are ‘fraud’ in hearing

Defendant fails to get requested bond hearing due to Marsy’s Law
Ann Retzlaff
Lee Pulaski
City Editor

Ann Retzlaff continued to be defiant in court May 9, claiming the staff at the Shawano County Jail continued to hamper her ability to retain counsel to represent her, as well as continuing to claim the court had no jurisdiction over her and that she was trying to be silenced.

Retzlaff is facing felony charges dating back to May 2021 of fleeing and eluding officers and two counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety, as well as a misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer. She also faces misdemeanor charges through Menominee County for resisting and failing to stop. Bail jumping and disorderly conduct charges were added this past April after she missed two court appearances in late 2021, and deputies arrested her in Wittenberg.

Once again claiming she was making “a special appearance under duress” from the jail, Retzlaff told Marathon County Circuit Court Judge Mark Moran during a status conference, when asked if she had found an attorney, that she “had not been afforded the opportunity” while being held on a $25,000 bond from Shawano County and a $1,000 bond from Menominee County.

“The deputy went and told the desk sergeant, to no success,” Retzlaff said. “I would like to have that right. I will not waive any of my rights.”

According to Ethan Schmidt, Shawano County clerk of courts, she has been allowed to use a telephone and the internet. He said he emailed the jail to “remedy the situation” and learned she had made 226 calls in her time in jail as of May 5, as well as that she had the funds in her account to make calls.

“Some calls did not go through, but looking at the records the jail has, the majority of the calls have gone through,” Schmidt said. “Their policy states they need to allow access to a phone. The phone is in her housing unit, and she has been making calls. They have not had any requests in writing for her to use a different phone due to the inability to contact an attorney.”

Retzlaff continued to claim that the whole case should have been dropped due a lawsuit filed in federal court against Shawano-Menominee County Circuit Court Judge William Kussel Jr., who has recused himself from the case, along with District Attorney Greg Parker and Corporation Counsel Larenda Maulson.

“It’s irrelevant,” Retzlaff said. “It’s nonsense that this case is even moving. It’s a federal lawsuit, and Greg Parker’s name is on that lawsuit, so why is he even sitting at the desk today?”

Moran pointed out that there can be cases running simultaneously at the state and federal levels.

“They’re not mutually exclusive, ma’am,” he said.

Retzlaff claimed she couldn’t make a call to talk with an attorney because the jail calls cost her 20 cents per minute. She claimed it would be easier if her bond could be reduced so she could make her calls from home and work, which wouldn’t cost her extra.

“It takes several days, and you’re on the phone all the time,” Retzlaff said. “I am not made of money. I have to have people drive money here so I can make phone calls. If I were to do this from my home office, this would cost me nothing.”

She also claimed she has called friends that include a retired judge and a retired lawyer, but because the caller ID indicates her call is coming from the jail, her calls are rejected.

Retzlaff wanted to discuss a bond modification at the status conference, but Moran pointed out that there had been no notice posted about a bond hearing as required under Marsy’s Law, which sent the defendant into a rambling tirade, claiming that Marsy’s Law did not apply and that the court was a “corporation.”

“The court has no jurisdiction to determine its own jurisdiction,” Retzlaff said. “I am not a federal citizen of the District of Columbia. I am a state national and claim my nationality as such.”

Moran responded that Retzlaff’s statement makes it clear that the current bond amount is reasonable, as she indicates she does not respect the court’s authority.

Retzlaff claimed that the “real crime” was supposed sex trafficking going on in the area. She said that she “inadvertently” came across a sex trafficking house in Menominee County and had rescued somebody from that place when law enforcement tried to pull her over.

“This is why all these charges are being brought up,” Retzlaff said. “They are trying to target me and trying to silence me. What is Shawano County doing about all the sex trafficking and child trafficking and drug trafficking in Shawano County? That is the real crime! Not me!”

Retzlaff continued to portray her as a victim of a corrupt system who should be freed.

“I am just a traveler going from point A to point B,” Retzlaff said. “All of these traffic violations are fraud.”

The bond hearing and a new status conference is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. May 19.