Miller’s Cream N’ Dough open for business

Luke Reimer

For those who are looking for sweet summertime treats, pay attention. A new ice cream shop has recently opened in Shawano.

Miller’s Cream N’ Dough, 1063 E. Green Bay St., opened May 9. It is an extension of the mobile ice-cream trailer, Putt-Putt Ice Cream. Miller’s Cream N’ Dough is located in the same building that housed Legendairy Cookies, before that business moved to Appleton. The hours for Miller’s Cream N’ Dough are Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 8:30 p.m. The shop offers a wide variety of products, including concrete mixers, malts, shakes, sundaes and cones, among other treats. All of the ice cream is premium and is considered custard.

“We churned the ice cream and went around to major community events,” said owner Jacob Miller, of his mobile trailer. “We did that for the last two years, and I have always been the one to want to upgrade. Finally, this came up for sale. I was able to purchase this and just go from there.”

Miller said that it is a major change to go from a mobile truck to a shop, but he called it something that he was always looking forward to.

“Mobile is fun, but without a store, it is hard to get a pace — it just gets to be a little too much,” said Miller. “We did really good at a lot of our events and, once people knew what we were, it captured all ages. Your customers can always come here, as opposed to being mobile.”

Throughout the first few days that the store has been open, Miller said there has been a learning curve to owning and managing a store compared to doing business from a mobile truck. Even though this is the case, he said customers have enjoyed the shop so far.

“Our feedback that we have heard from our customers has been really, really great,” said Miller. “We mostly went off of what the previous owner had here.”

He added that their ice cream nachos — round pieces of waffle cone served up sundae-style — is a top hit for those looking for unconventional way to eat ice cream. With the menu as it is, Miller said that he plans to add more items in the future.

“Everything except for the sugar cream, we make in house,” said Miller. “Waffle cones are another thing that we want to do eventually. We also want to do a bakery — that is kind of where the name Miller’s Cream N’ Dough comes from. We want to have pie and all of the baked goods and all of that.”

Also in the future, Miller said that he is hoping to bring in more coolers and space to hold more flavors of ice cream, as well as more products.

“We are going to do a poll to see what people want to throw in there as well,” said Miller.

In regard to an impact that the store will have on Shawano, Miller said he wants this to be a family-oriented ice cream shop.

“I want it to have that homey feel,” said Miller. “I want people to come here to meet their friends and sit outside and eat ice cream. It is just an atmosphere where they can just chill and relax. For the most part, we are expecting the seating outside and inside to be packed through the summer, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.”

When asked why the community should come to Miller’s Cream N’ Dough, Miller said that the shop will provide a welcoming, family atmosphere with good ice cream.

“To me, it is to be a part of a community,” said Miller. “I kind of want it to be a hub and a hangout spot, while enjoying good ice cream. I tell my employees that we want to have fun and actually want to come to work.”