Menominee tribe honors departing legislators

The Menominee Tribal Legislature bid a warm farewell to three outstanding legislators who have dedicated their time and efforts to serving the tribe.

Douglas Cox, Rachel Fernandez, and Myrna Warrington were honored for their invaluable contributions during their tenure as legislators at the legislature’s Feb. 1 meeting.

Each outgoing legislator was presented with a proclamation, symbolizing deep appreciation and gratitude for their tireless efforts in advancing the welfare and interests of the Menominee.

The tribe also honored these exceptional individuals with a special gift. Warrington was gifted a beautifully crafted ribbon skirt, which epitomizes the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the tribe. Cox received a distinguished ribbon shirt, representing the strength and unity that he exemplified throughout his service. Fernandez was presented with a Pendleton blanket, a symbol of warmth, comfort, and appreciation for her remarkable dedication.