LETTER: Support real heroes, not sports figures

To the editor:

What’s wrong with our country? People pay high prices for sport events, for boats, motorcycles, campers, help pay the outrageous wages for our favorite sports team, when our police, firemen, EMTs, military men and women, doctors and nurses will never make that one-year salary their sports teams get in their entire lifetimes. We buy sports-team outfits without a thought, but we can’t fly our flag proudly in our yards.

These men and women risk their lives daily and don’t get the support they should from us. (I am so glad my son or daughter isn’t in harm’s way.)

There might be a time we won’t have our volunteers to keep us safe, and then the draft will be back. Will those men and women we raise be up to that task? I don’t think so! Show your pride in our country and the memory of the heroes who died to keep us safe.

Support the real heroes.

Virginia Bublitz, Oconto Falls