LETTER: Stand up to prevent justice’s impeachment

To the editor:

Wisconsinites, it is time to show what democracy looks like.

On Sept. 6, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin announced the Defend Justice campaign to urge all Wisconsinites to call their local representatives, urging them not to follow through on the floating threats to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz. While this may seem like a liberal issue, it is essential to remember how this impeachment will affect us all and why both sides of the aisle must join forces to protect our democracy.

Protasiewicz, elected in early April, has yet to hear a single case. Yet, Assembly Majority Speaker Robin Vos and his Republican colleagues threaten to impeach her, overthrow her win and the 11.02% majority vote.

Their “reasoning” is Protasiewicz’s voiced opinion before taking office that our district election maps are cemented in Republican favor. However, it is crucial to consider that her stance on redistricting is protected under our First Amendment right to free speech, and should a justice be impeached over their personal views of electoral maps, it is violating their First Amendment rights.

Secondly, we must remember how Protasiewicz’s victory is a change for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. After 15 years of a Republican majority, we had an overwhelming vote for a democratic justice, one who promises to uphold reproductive care, LGBTQ-plus rights and other issues currently hanging by a thread. Is this the real reason that Vos wishes to overthrow her honest win?

The Republican Party’s blatant gerrymandering could completely unravel our judicial system and our votes — but only if we allow it. It is not only Justice Janet and her position at stake; it is the very fabric of our democracy. Impeaching her under unsubstantial reasoning begs the question: Did our votes even matter at all?

In closing, we must do our part to uphold our democracy. If we allow impeachment, we allow our votes to be trampled solely to regain a Republican majority. Even former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher and other GOP members agree, this is not what democracy looks like. I urge all Wisconsinites to peacefully push back on Robin Vos’ threats by calling your assembly representative to tell them we want Justice Protasiewicz and our votes upheld, because that is what democracy looks like.

For more information on how to contact your assembly district representative, go to defendjustice.com.

Gracie Waukechon, Bonduel