LETTER: Shawano County Board yielded to intimidation

To the editor:

The Shawano County Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution No. 13-21, which supported the people’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. A rough-looking group of individuals attended the board meeting and intimidated most of the County Board to vote for this resolution. The individuals at the meeting looked like the Shawano County chapter of the national Proud Boys. No other county board in Wisconsin adopted a similar resolution except Florence County.

There have been over 70 mass shooting incidents in the United States this year, a condition no other nation in the world experiences. Many of the individuals who did the shootings had personal problems, grudges against others, or previous incidents that were violent in which a gun was used.

Often their behavior threatened others, while having in their possession large amounts of various types of weapons and ammunition that, if used, could be dangerous to the general public.

If a state had a red flag law, these types of individuals could be reported to local authorities and an assessment of their mental and emotional condition to have such weapons would be made by a judicial authority and removed from their possession until judged competent to possess weapons again. Former Sheriff Adam Bieber said he would not enforce a red flag law in Shawano County because it denied due process to the perceived dangerous gun-owning individual.

The Shawano County Board defaulted on the safety of the citizens of Shawano County by passing the resolution endangering our children and the safety of the general public.

Herbert J. Grover, Gresham