LETTER: Evers’ veto power state’s saving grace

To the editor:

The governor of Wisconsin has a tool he can use when he feels a bill is unjust or unwise for the people of Wisconsin. The veto is Gov. Tony Evers’ “check” on the Republican legislature’s power. Once he vetoes a bill, it is dead because the Republicans don’t have enough members to override a veto.

This is extremely important since many of the bills that have been sent to the governor are not the type of bills that are in the interest of the majority of Wisconsinites.

What teacher would want to be charged with a crime if they had a discussion about social and racial inequality in their classroom? Republican legislators have a bill to eliminate the teaching of systemic racism and implicit bias referred to as “critical race theory.” Teachers do not want books banned, which are good examples of the struggles our country has endured. Discussions about racism are a part of our history and our society.

What woman does not want to make a decision about what to do about an unwanted pregnancy with her family and doctor? Wisconsin Republicans have sent a number of anti-abortion bills to Evers, who has vetoed them all — some of them twice. They are continuing in their efforts. Politicians should not make healthcare decisions for women’s bodies.

What voter wants to have it more difficult to vote? Evers has vetoed numerous bills passed by Republicans that would affect election administration in the state of Wisconsin. These bills reflect the national effort to damage democracy and discourage mail-in voting. One would require voters to reapply for an absentee ballot after each election.

So, while the GOP is concentrating on these issues, Evers is working to improve the lives of the people. He’s repaired over 1,000 miles of roads. He’s put more money in our public schools making them once again in the top 10 in the nation. We’ve had one of the best vaccine rollouts in the country. Over $500,000 in grants have been given to Shawano County to expand broadband. Now he’s directed the withholding tax tables to be changed to put more money in workers’ pockets.

Evers must continue to be the shield Wisconsin needs to keep our state and its people moving “forward.” In order to continue the economic boom and keep unemployment at the lowest rate in history, we need Evers and his veto power.

Jan Koch, Shawano