LETTER: Do your own research, then vote for Dan Kelly

To the editor:

I will not address the lies about Dan Kelly on television. As you see the numerous ads against Kelly, know that the majority of the money for his avowed liberal opponent Janet Protasiewicz comes from outside Wisconsin, and she has tons of money.

Do your own research. Supreme Court judges interpret cases that come before them based on the constitution. Protasiewicz has made it clear how she will vote.

Vote for Dan Kelly if you want to protect your gun rights, and if you want to keep your hunting rights. Vote for Kelly to keep school choice and vouchers. If you believe each voter should have to show proof of residency and an ID to vote — vote for Kelly. These are just a few issues extreme liberal Protasiewicz is against.

Three referendum issues are on the ballot. Vote yes for conditions of release. Liberals have allowed criminals to be released to take care of personal affairs before sentencing. Several of these criminals have killed or raped while awaiting sentencing.

Vote yes on cash bail. Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha Christmas Parade killer, was out on low bail. That needs to stop.

Vote yes on requiring able-bodied adults to look for work in order to receive taxpayer funded benefits.

On April 4, keep voter ID, and protect your hunting, gun and parental rights. Vote for Dan Kelly. On the three referendum issues Vote yes, yes and yes.

Richard W. Kucksdorf, Bonduel