LETTER: Creation makes more sense than evolution

To the editor:

In the United States, the most common age of suicide is 16 years of age. Religions take the value of human life to its highest possible level. The teaching of evolution takes the value of life to its lowest possible level.

If evolution was the means by which things came into existence, it would still be happening today more so than ever before. One species of living things would either have to be producing something other than its own kind or changing into something different. You can believe it when you see a cat have puppies or a kangaroo turning into an elephant.

It is supposed to be an American standard that we are all created equal. Our gifts and talents are different, but we all have this equal birthright to look upon God as our father creator, and in this relationship with him, we are designed to be his personal family members.

Teachers of evolution are worse than rapists. Rape victims can recover, but students who commit suicide because they find no value to life cannot recover.

Human beings are designed and created in the spiritual image of God. No other living thing has artistic imagination to design new things, or change the life system that was built into them at the time of their creation.

Loren Longard, Suring