Athlete Profile: Gaven Vance

Bears’ senior a threat as runner and receiver

The Bonduel High School football team has enjoyed its success with a balanced approach on offense this year. Senior Gaven Vance has been a part of the team’s offensive success so far this fall.

Vance caught a 44-yard touchdown in a nonconference loss to Coleman back on Aug. 25. He also recovered a fumble on defense that game.

The senior rushed for a score and caught another touchdown in a lopsided win over Sturgeon Bay on Sept. 2.

Vance landed on the Packerland Conference second team as an offensive end in his junior season.

Q: When did your interest in football begin?

A: My interest toward football started when I was young. My cousins (Jesse Mueller and Miller Calhoun) were always playing it outside and when I got older I got more into it and loved it since.

Q: What is your favorite part about the football season?

A: My favorite part of the season is always the bond you get with your friends and teammates, also all the memories that you make during games and practice.

Q: What is your favorite position to play on the football field, and why?

A: My favorite position is running back, because from that I can go out on routes, I can lead block, and I can be running the ball also.

Q: The team has suffered a couple tight losses already this fall. What’s the key to coming away with wins instead in tough games moving forward?

A: With these close losses we need to keep our head high and have a short memory of it. We will learn from it and move forward and focus on the next game and continue on.

Q: Individually, what goals have you set for yourself this fall and how do you plan to achieve those?

A: As a individual I set my goals on more of being a leader and not so much on stats. I try to be the best leader I can during practices and games, even when things aren’t always going the way we want.

Q: At about the halfway point of the regular season now, where are some areas your team hopes to improve in?

A: A few things that our team needs to improve on is sticking with our fundamentals. Sometimes we get sloppy and mess up and it causes a domino effect on the rest of the team.

Q: As a senior, how do you help lead the rest of the team?

A: As a senior and with the other seniors, we all try and help out the younger kids as they start their high school football career.

Q: Before a game starts, do you or the team have any routines or rituals you go through?

A: Before games I normally like to listen to music and get mentally focused before. As a team we normally all gather together before in the locker and have a prayer and finish with the Lord’s Prayer and we like to hype each other up also.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of competing on the Bonduel football team?

A: My favorite memories of playing for Bonduel is Coach (Brad) Grayvold. He always has something to say to us no matter what the situation is.

Q: Favorite movie, TV show and musical artist?

A: Movie — “Cars 2.” TV show — “Stranger Things.” Music artist — A toss up between Lil Baby and Travis Scott.

Q: Name one thing about yourself that not many people know.

A: A thing that people don’t know is that I work as a plumber when I’m not in sports.

Q: What are some things you hope to accomplish after graduating high school?

A: After high school or college, I hope to be a leader and a person that people look to.


Athlete: Gaven Vance

Sport: Football

Positions: Running back, outside linebacker

School: Bonduel High School

Year: Senior