Wilton returns with epic fantasy novel sequel

Three years after releasing his debut epic fantasy novel, local author Steve Wilton is back to take readers on another suspense-filled journey through the complex, mysterious and dangerous world he created in “Queen of Crows” with a multifaceted female main character once again in the forefront in his second novel, a sequel titled “Crows and Wyverns.”

Published through Pedal Down Promotions of Manitowoc, “Crows and Wyverns” showcases Wilton’s ability to weave together epic fantasy and magical realism storytelling, while detailing a highly intricate and vividly defined world filled with power struggles, passionate encounters and ominous forces.

Wilton, who now lives in Birnamwood, drew on his love of reading to release “Queen of Crows” in 2021, which was met with strong reader interest and critical acclaim, including a spring 2023 nod as The BookFest Awards prize winner.

A retired 20-year U.S. Army veteran, being an avid reader all his life, Wilton thought about writing an epic fantasy novel for many years before unleashing his creative vision in “Queen of Crows.”

“I had the basic idea for my first novel in my head for a while,” Wilton said. “Then I read a poorly constructed fantasy novel and thought I could do better. Most fantasy stories are formulaic with a male lead. I thought a female lead should step up to save the world and herself.”

Like his first novel, “Crows and Wyverns” is a fantasy novel set in a medieval European setting.

“It follows a character from the first book but rounds out the first book’s main character’s story,” Wilton said. “It also expands the world the story takes place in. For me, it’s very satisfying to see a complex story idea get fleshed out and come to an appropriate end.

“I write with an adult audience in mind, but I tell people, mature young readers of 14 or older will find the books enjoyable. There is violence and some sexual innuendo but no on-the-page sex.”

“Crows and Wyverns” is available on several online book sales platforms, including amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and bookshop.org, as well as yet-to-be-determined future in-person shows and events.

“The book will be available on most online outlets,” Wilton said. “I do several in-person book sale and signing events each year in Wisconsin and have a few scheduled with the plan of adding more.”

For more information on the author, visit https://slwilton.com or his Facebook or X pages.

For more information on the book publisher, email pedaldownpromotions@gmail.com, visit www.pedaldownpromotions.com or call 920-323-7970.