Week 2 action warms up cool night at speedway

Naeyaert, VanStraten, Sobiesczyk, Yarie, Westphal earn wins
Dave Buss
Special to NEW Media

SHAWANO — Tom Naeyaert, Travis VanStraten, Tyler Sobiesczyk and Marcus Yarie collected their first feature wins of the season on a cool Saturday night at Shawano Speedway.

Tanner Westphal became the first driver to earn back-to-back victories after also winning on opening night.

Sobiesczyk grabbed the lead on lap two from Bryce Clements and survived five yellow flags to pick up the win in the IMCA Sport Mod feature event.

Jeff Schmuhl and Zachary Raab swapped second and third throughout the feature event, with Raab eventually grabbing that spot. Schmuhl slipped back to a fifth-place finish. Jayden Schmidt and Jason Jach made impressive runs to the front, grabbing third and fourth, respectively.

Jordan Bartz took command of the IMCA Modified feature for the first five laps before Marcus Yarie wrestled the lead away from her. Yarie began to pull away as Bartz gave chase until Lance Arneson grabbed the second spot on lap 10.

Yarie held the point on a lap 10 restart and grabbed the checkered flag. Arneson held on to take second, with Wyatt Block and Lucas Lamberies taking third and fourth, respectively. Bartz rounded out the top five.

In early IMCA Modified heat action, 79-year-old Jerry Muenster grabbed a win.

Naeyaert grabbed the lead from his outside row one starting position on lap number one and lead from green to checkers in the Late Model feature.

While Naeyaert was driving away from the field, the action was hot and heavy behind him. Chris Engels settled in to second and maintained that position throughout the event.

Troy Springborn and Ron Berna put on a great battle of past champions, swapping positions three and four. Berna eventually got the best of Springborn, grabbing third. Springborn and Joe Reuter rounded out the top five.

Cody Scray used his pole position to grab the early advantage in the IMCA Stock Car feature. Scray led the first six laps until Shawn Wagner made the pass and assumed the lead.

Meanwhile, VanStraten methodically worked through the field. VanStraten took the lead on a lap 11 restart and began to pull away. Jeremy Christians followed VanStraten to the front and took over the second spot on lap 13.

Chucky Forstner grabbed the third spot after starting 14th, with Devin Snellenberger and Wagner completing the top five.

It took Westphal five laps to get to the front of the pack after starting in the 10th position. Once he took the lead, he would not relinquish it as the Mighty 4 feature went caution free.

Tony Everard gave chase in the second spot for a majority of the event until Jason Stueck grabbed that spot on lap 11. Brad Wedde grabbed fourth and Scott Blanke, driving for Lucas Hacker, took fifth.

Points (top 5)

Late Model

Troy Springborn 105

Ron Berna 103

Joe Reuter 100

Chris Engels 97

Kyle Raddant 96

IMCA Modified

Lucas Lamberies 77

Wyatt Block 76

Jordan Barkholtz 74

Jerry Wilinski 68

Eddie Muenster 65

IMCA Sport Mod

Jayden Schmidt 77

Tyler Sobiesczyk 75

Jeffery Teske 74

Jeff Schmuhl 73

Brock Saunders 71

IMCA Stock Car

Travis VanStraten 77

Jeremy Christians 77

Shawn Wagner 70

Rod Snellenberger 67

Devin Snellenberger 66

Mighty 4

Tanner Westphal 80

Brad Wedde 75

Jason Stueck 74

Troy Everard 70

Clint Malueg 68


For full results and point standings, visit https://www.myracepass.com/profile/?r=1874&rt=track.