Some new faces reach speedway’s victory lane

Stankowski, Frank, Wedelstadt, Raab, Stueck the winners

Mitch Stankowski, Gunner Frank, Mike Wedelstadt, Zachary Raab and Calvin Stueck picked up feature wins on July 22 at Shawano Speedway.

Up first was the IMCA Stock Car division, with Larry Buckwheat and Dillon Sexton on the front row, but the man of the hour would be Stankowski.

As the green flag flew, Stankowski used his sixth place starting spot to jump to an early lead on the outside and lead by lap number four. He was followed by Travis VanStraten, and those two would begin to break away from the rest of the field.

Midpack saw Travis Welch, Vern Stedjee and Dan Michonski battling for the top six positions. By lap ten, Michonski had caught the leaders, and he, Stankowski and VanStraten jockeyed for position.

Stankowski held his ground and fought off the challenges of his fellow competitors. In the final laps it was Vern Stedjee, Michonski and VanStraten all chasing Stankowski, but Stankowski would not be denied as he raced his number 5s into a long overdue trip to victory lane.

In the Late Model division, former feature winners Joel Bennett and Gunner Frank led the field to green. At the drop of the green, Frank shot off the cannon and took the lead on lap one, as Brett Swedberg, Lucas Postl, Kyle Raddant and Todd Frank were trying to chase down the front runners.

By lap seven, Troy Springborn fell victim to mechanical failures and ended his night but was able to save the race from a caution. With Swedberg chasing down Gunner Frank in the closing laps, Gunner Frank answered the call and held off the charges of Swedberg and Bennett to go on to victory lane.

The IMCA Modified division, racing for $3,000 to win, saw Johnny Whitman and Mike Wedelstadt be the escorts for the 25-car A main event. When the green flag flew, Whitman used that front row starting spot to distance himself between him and the rest of the field.

Mike Wedelstadt, Jerry Muenster, Tony Wedelstadt, Kevin Feck and Kelsy Hayes would all start swapping positions, but the man on the move from his 10th place position was Mike Mullen as he was making his way to the front. Lucas Lamberies, Wyatt Block and Jayden Schmidt all were hard charging to the front as well.

Up front it was all Whitman dominating the rest of the field. On lap 17, the field came to an abrupt halt as Marcus Yarie took a tumble in corner one, bringing out the red flag. As track crews attended to the situation and after Yarie was checked out by the medical personnel, green flag racing resumed, with Whitman again jumping out to a commanding lead.

As the checkered flag flew, at the line was Whitman, Mike Wedelstadt, Mullen and Konnor Wilinski. However, after post race inspection track officials deemed Whitman was disqualified for a weight infraction, which gave the victory to Mike Wedelstadt.

In a caution-filled IMCA Sport Mod feature, Doug Belongia Jr., and Dustin Marquardt sat on the front row. Tommy Rindt and Bryce Clements would be their dancing partners for the front two rows.

At the drop of the green, Clements would quickly work his way up to the top spot and lead for several laps. After three spin out cautions on the restart, Clements again was leading, but local hot shoe of Raab was weaving his way to the front. After several more cautions and a single file restart, Raab, Tyler Sobiesczyk, JJ Vanderloop and Jeffery Teske were the front runners.

As the white flag flew, Sobiesczyk was starting to close the gap between him and Raab, but Raab continued to lead the last two circuits and pilot his number 74 to victory lane.

In the Mighty 4 division, Stueck used his fifth place starting spot to maneuver around Justin Haufe, Alexis Michonski and Clint Malueg.

Stueck’s dominance would show over the next few laps, but former IMCA Stock Car pilot Nate Michonski and point leader Tanner Westphal would soon catch Stueck. Meanwhile Brad Wedde would also toss his name in the conversation for the top four spots.

As laps dwindled down in the 12-lap event, Stueck held off the charges and went on to claim victory.