Packers Q&A with Allen Lazard

Q: When did you start kicking a soccer ball as part of your pregame routine?

A: That’s been a routine for this is my third year now. I warm up with a soccer ball every day — practice, game. It’s always been my thing to clear my mind and be able to focus in on what’s at hand. I know that mentally, physically, if I’m kicking a soccer ball, that’s implicating to myself that I’m about to be playing football here in a little bit.

Kind of just goes hand in hand of being repetitive, doing the same thing every single day and getting in that mindset so, when I take the field, I’m in the right place mentally and physically to go out there and perform.

Q: Did you grow up playing soccer?

A: I didn’t. I started to become a fan of soccer in college; I started playing FIFA a lot. A few years ago, I had just gotten really bored with warming up with high knees and jogging and stuff. So, a soccer ball’s a little bit more fun and adds a little more flavor to it, I guess. I don’t know, it’s a fun hobby.

I think a lot of other guys have picked up on it, as well, just being able to kick the soccer ball around. Just venturing outside of our football norms in that sense, we have the hoop in the team room and we’re playing knockout. Just because we’re football players and being able to expand our horizons and be able to make ourselves more multifaceted.

Q: Why soccer?

A: I just wanted to start playing soccer, just wanted to start kicking the ball. I like juggling. I think juggling’s really good for balance and control, understanding the body movements and everything puts you in very uncomfortable positions for us, at least, because we’re not normally on one leg. Being able to balance while also trying to control a ball and do all the skills that it takes to be able to juggle.

Q: Can you really juggle?

A: Yeah.

Q: Three balls?

A: Three. Never really got to four.

Q: What do you juggle?

A: Whatever I want.

Q: Not knives or chainsaws?

A: Never know.

Q: Back to football. Do you feel any pressure?

A: Nope.

Q: On yourself? Because you’ve really embraced stepping into that No. 1 role.

A: I’ve always taken ownership in whatever work I’ve been doing. This is obviously my job, playing receiver here, and I’ve taken ownership for the room, so regardless of who we’ve had in the room the past few years, I’ve always taken complete ownership. Whether it was me out there on the field or not, those guys are a reflection of me because they’re putting on the same uniform that I am, from that regard.

So, yeah, I just plan on going out there, playing to the best of my ability and doing what I can to help the team win.

Q: Did you always have that No. 1 mentality, even when the rest of the league didn’t see it?

A: I mean, I’ve been a No. 1 receiver my whole life until I came into the NFL, so I don’t know why I would change my mental view from that standpoint, just because I got to the league and there’s other guys around here from that standpoint.

Now, from a depth chart standpoint, obviously it’s been different and more clear, but that shouldn’t change my mentality I feel like, as far as how I go about my business.

Q: So, even though you were undrafted (in 2018) and didn’t make the Jaguars’ roster — heck, you didn’t make this roster a year later — your confidence never wavered?

A: No, because I feel like I’ve been doubted my whole life, whether it’s been high school, college, here obviously, in different regards of life, as well. I don’t take the outside noise and digest it from that sense. I’ve always just focused on myself and tried to develop to be the best version of myself.

Q: Is there extra satisfaction when the results follow?

A: Absolutely. I don’t know why negative satisfaction or dissatisfaction would come from making things come to fruition.


Number: 13

Age: 26

Season: 4

College: Iowa State