Packers Q&A with Aaron Jones

Bill Huber

Q: What gives you confidence that the team will bounce back vs. Chicago?

A: Just knowing that the biggest jump comes from week one to week two in the league, and that’s probably one of the biggest jumps that you’ll see through the season. That’s with all teams. We know what it takes, we know it starts (with) the North and we’ve got another North opponent coming in, so we’ve got to handle business.

Q: Were you frustrated after getting only eight touches against the Vikings?

A: No, sir, I’m not frustrated. I just do what I can when my number is called and make the most of every opportunity I get.

Q: Then the quarterback was frustrated for you. Aaron (Rodgers) said you needed more touches.

A: It definitely puts a smile on your face knowing that he wants you to be getting the ball, as well, not just yourself who wants it.

Q: After the game, Aaron (Rodgers) was talking about mental mistakes with some of the young players. How long did it take to get to where you needed to be in terms of the mental mistakes?

A: It definitely is a challenge. I would say it comes with time and reps – game reps at that. But I would say normally after the second, third game, you see those mistakes and those things leaving and guys getting more comfortable. But, like I said, it comes with those game reps.”

Q: So you have to see those situations in a game?

A: For me, it was different. I had four weeks where I didn’t play any offense. But I got to sit there and watch and look and learn. So, I mean, everybody learns in different ways. Some people learn by actually taking a rep. Me, I learn from both – watching and taking the rep.

I take those notes down, so when it’s my turn to get out there, I know what to expect or what’s coming. Now that I’m on the field, I want to stay on the field.

Q: In retrospect, was it easier to not have to play right away?

A: Definitely, I think that did have its plus to it. At the time, to me, it didn’t. I wanted to play. But it gave me a month. I think I was on two special teams. The first week, I wasn’t even active.

So, it did give me the time to see the speed of the game, what’s going on in our offense, understand it and what we were trying to achieve both on special teams and on offense. Now I look back on it, I’m thankful for that time. Everything happens for a reason.

Q: Is there a fine line between getting more touches now but staying fresh and strong for later in the season?

A: You want to keep your backs healthy for the whole season, 17 games plus the playoffs. You want to keep ‘em fresh, but you also want to give them a workload, as well. Where is that fine line when you have two very good, capable backs? I do like being fresher towards the end of the season, when other guys are beat up at the end, you’re a little bit fresher, so it does help.”

Q: You guys have a strong history of bouncing back after a loss. What’s the secret to that?

A: Just getting back together as a team, going back over what happened the previous week and how can we grow from that, knowing that this year it’s a division opponent coming in. You never want to start off 0-2, especially in your division. So, we’ve got to handle business and just be ready to execute at a high level.”

Q: You passed Hall of Famer Tony Canadeo and moved into fourth place on the team’s career rushing list on Sunday. What does that mean?

A: It is crazy to me. I think I saw it yesterday on Twitter or something. It took him I don’t know how many games, I can’t remember the stat, but I was like, ‘Wow, it does seem like it happened pretty fast.’ But that lets me know I’m doing my job at a pretty high level and I look to continue to do that.

It’s honestly a blessing because there’s been a lot of running backs here over the 100 years and to have my name in history with some of those greats is special.”

Q: Speaking of history, you’re sixth all-time (among all running backs with 600 career carries) in yards per carry (5.1) alongside guys like Jim Brown and Barry Sanders.

A: I’ve got to get up to No. 1. I keep that 9.8 (yards per carry vs. Minnesota), we’ll be good. (laughter)

Player Bio

Number: 33

Age: 27

Season: 6

College: Texas El-Paso