Media, politicians not objective with Trump


To the editor:

I really am fed up with the distortions and outright disgusting lack of objectivity the national media and politicians engage in when talking about President Donald Trump. The following are just a small sample of which I speak:

• The media and some politicians almost universally vilify Trump as having handled the coronavirus pandemic badly. Yet they were the ones who almost universally called him a racist and a xenophobe when early on he was the one who tried to protect us with the travel bans. Joe Biden openly criticized him relentlessly for the bans, and who remembers that?

• The media also tried to blame him for not having fast enough responses to supplying personal protective equipment for the health care professionals and the public, Well, Bunkie, why did the national press not dig into why our national supplies were not there? Because they would have found that the Barack Obama administration depleted the national stockpiles during the SARS epidemic, and they did not replace them. These are facts you can verify by just looking it up for yourself.

• Production of PPEs and drugs to fight this pandemic were shipped out of the country mainly to the Pacific Rim nations (China, in the case of prescription drugs) by the government (overregulation) and drug companies for economic gain. Zero regard was given to disruptions to the supply chain should we have an emergency. Who is bringing the manufacture of these things back? It wasn’t Joe.

Billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Silicon Valley moguls are funneling millions into the elections overwhelming the system trying to buy the election. Don’t you care that we are not dealing with a level playing field? Don’t you want to get unbiased news? Don’t you want to get unedited and undistorted video when people speak publicly to the media?

Why aren’t you angry at political leaders like governors and mayors who are using the pandemic to shut down our economy claiming they are following science when, in fact, they are not? Wake up, or lose our nation.

Bruce Watters, Bowler