Letter: Success of farmers market due to many

To the editor:
In the true fashion of neighbors helping neighbors, the supporters of the Shawano Farmers Market rallied to match a generous $3,500 challenge by the Harold E. Pevonka Trust. They raised this, and more, giving the fundraiser a total of $7,185.
The donations came from individuals and businesses, vendors, artists, local market fans and out-of-town visitors. On behalf of the Shawano Farmers Market Board, I’d like to express our sincere thanks for these donations, as well as the donations to Friends of the Market and in-kind donations throughout the year. These funds will be used to bring a well-managed, farm market to Shawano and will also help expand the opportunities for new vendors and family activities.
We would also like to thank the many volunteers who help with the market every week, the musicians who help create a town square atmosphere, the city of Shawano and Senior Center board for their commitment to the park and their willingness to hep us make it a great experience. They were all a pleasure to work with last year and we hope to continue that relationship with the 2015 market.
Again, the response to our request for funds was a great reminder that the community believes in the value of the Shawano Farmer Market. Thank you.
Richard Sarnwick,
Board President,
Shawano Farmers Market