LETTER: Censorship in Little Suamico unacceptable

To the editor:

Censorship means suppression of speech, public communication or other information. Censorship is going on in many towns in Oconto County, specifically, Little Suamico. The Little Suamico Town Board, specifically Town Chairman Elmer Ragen, needs to understand Little Suamico is the place we call home.

This is our town, not just the town chairman’s or supervisors’. When a town chairman/board censor public comment at monthly meetings, as Little Suamico has for the past five years you ignore the people who live in our town to have a voice what they would like our town to be.

Public comment was shut down because when R&R Assessing did a maintenance assessment in Little Suamico and ended up with five allegations against them, which were proven. The Department of Revenue sent their outcome of their investigation to Little Suamico and Ragen refused to have the letter read as correspondence.

Michael Trudell read the letter at the monthly town meeting during public comment. After Michael read the letter the town chairman and board censored their citizens and shut off public comment at meetings. When a town board censors its constituents, they lose trust and credibility.

Little Suamico needs a change, which is long overdue, to include an administrator and/or complete town board change. The Little Suamico board has a choice to either let its citizens again have a voice with public comment at meetings or be replaced.

Beth Trudell, Sobieski