Jordan Love shows development at Family Night

QB highlights night with 54-yard TD pass
Luke Reimer

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love talked about his development, as well as how Family Night can prepare the team for preseason games after their biggest practice of the year was held Aug. 5 at Lambeau Field.

Love, who is entering his third year in the NFL, has only appeared in six games over the past two years in supporting Aaron Rodgers in back-to-back MVP seasons.

“Jordan has done a nice job,” said Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur. “It has been promising — he has been doing a good job, and I think he did it again tonight. Jordan has shown a lot of growth in my eyes.”

One of the biggest highlights of Family Night came when Love connected with rookie wide receiver Samori Toure for a 54-yard touchdown down the middle of the field.

“That was one of those plays where it should be a big play if everything works out,” said Toure. “We had cover 4, which put me one-on-one with the defensive back, and I just used my speed, made a good break and Jordan made a great throw.”

Love walked through the play call of the touchdown pass, as well as what he saw when completing the pass.

“We had a deep post on the back side, and we had the coverage where the safety was cheating the three receiver side,” said Love. “It was just one of those things where I let the ball go. I think that the defensive back was guessing it was going to be a shorter route, and he cut it.”

Due to Family Night being just a practice, pass rushers did not tackle or hit Love when he threw the strike to Toure. He used this throw as a developmental stepping stone from last year.

“Going back to the Lions game last year, I had a throw with a guy in my face that I missed,” said Love. “It could have been a big play. That is something that I looked at in the offseason to get better. I have to stand in the pocket, take hits and still be able to make those throws. There is still growing room in those passes, though.”

He acknowledged that such a throw would probably be tougher with real opponents.

“If that pass was in a live game, it may have been different,” added Love. “I would definitely be taking a shot right there. But as long as I can get it out there and make some type of throw, then they will be able to make plays on it.”

Love went on to talk about what happens as a quarterback when the pocket collapses.

“When you have pressure, it is just about making a good decision,” said Love. “Obviously you have to be as accurate as you can. Whether I am taking those shots downfield or throwing a check down, I am trying to focus on that throw to make it as accurate as possible.”

Much like LaFleur and Toure, Juwann Winfree shared positive thoughts on Love’s NFL progression.

“I have really been impressed by Jordan’s poise out there; he looks like that he has been there before,” said Winfree, a wide receiver. “This is his third year, and the growth has been tremendous. I am excited to see the player that he is becoming, and it should be a good future.”

Love showed his excitement for being able to play against other teams, as opposed to going against the Packers’ defense day after day.

“You are always looking forward to that,” said Love. “You get in these situations in practice, where everyone is telling you that that play would have been a sack, but in a live game they might not have gotten me. So it is just exciting to getting back to live.”

Finally, Love shared his excitement about playing under the lights at his second Family Night. During his rookie year, the 2020 Family Night was canceled amid the pandemic.

“My first year being the COVID year, that was tough,” said Love. “Being able to see this and to see the atmosphere at Lambeau is awesome. Driving in, I am thinking that this is a just practice, but the place is sold out. There are not too many places like this.”

Having a practice in front of a home crowd can only boost the team’s preseason preparation, Love said.

“I think that a practice like this in front of fans is a different vibe,” said Love. “There is a little more energy, juice and crowd noise. It is nice to see what a game is really like out there.”