Fundraiser to the rescue of Oconto Falls responder

Malchow stricken with lesions on his brain
NEW Media Staff

The community of Oconto Falls is rallying around one of its own, an emergency responder who is the one in need of medical attention.

A GoFundMe page opened to help Dan Malchow with medical expenses as he struggles with an abscess in his brain.

“Dan left work for the ER with ‘the worst headache of his life’,” reads the GoFundMe fundraiser set up by Patrick and Angie Ahlgrim of the Oconto Falls Ambulance Service. “Later that day, we transported Dan to St. Vincent with a very grim prognosis as a patient we couldn’t even recognize from a few hours earlier. Initial imaging had found lesions in his brain, liver and lungs, and he was heavily medicated.”

After an MRI, it was determined that Malchow had an abscess on his brain, which was later confirmed during surgery.

Although he has insurance through his wife’s coverage, the hospital is out of network, leaving the Malchows to cover a hefty deductible.

“Dan is someone who has dedicated his career to helping others in need. He’s the first person to say, ‘I’ll help with that,’ whether it’s a welding project, camper adjustments or building a she-shed. Now it’s our turn to help him when he truly needs it the most.”

As of Nov. 29, the fundraising effort had drawn 187 donations totaling $11,945 of the $25,000 goal.

Malchow has been released from the hospital, and various tests showed that he is cancer-free, the Ahlgrims said in a Nov. 28 update. He is working with infectious disease doctors to determine what caused the lesions, with twice-daily antibiotic infusions planned.

“He is working with a great care team to get back to 100%, but it will take time. He will be back providing top level care in our community as soon as possible,” the Ahlgrims said. “Your help is still greatly appreciated as all this care certainly comes with a price tag, but having our friend around is well worth it.”

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