Food feature coming to NEW Media publications

Staff seeking local recipes and the stories behind them
NEW Media Staff

Everybody eats.

Everybody enjoys what somebody makes to eat.

How many people know the story behind what is made, though? Is it a long-standing recipe going back generations? Is it an experiment for a tailgate part that turned out to be a success?

At NEW Media, the reporters and editors seek out the stories of the community, and now NEW Media is interested in the stories about the food made in the community, whether it's homemakers, professional chefs or just your average Joe on the street. Your local newspapers are launching the feature "Inside the Kitchens of Northeast Wisconsin," which will give you access to local kitchens in Shawano, Oconto and Menominee counties.

For further details, check out the letter below from city editor Lee Pulaski, and if you have any ideas for interesting food stories, contact him at or 715-526-2121, ext. 7021.