City posts reopening plan

SHAWANO — Officials Wednesday settled on a phased in reopening of of city services and events in response to the coronavirus epidemic after a special meeting of the Shawano Common Council.

The city posted the following letter to residents on its Facebook page:

To our Shawano Residents:

We understand that many of our residents and area organizations are seeking direction regarding city services, events and partnerships. The Shawano Common Council met on May 20 to provide guidance to the community. Here is what it means for the residents of Shawano:

City Facilities:

Effective May 26, the following City office facilities will reopen to the public: City Hall, SMU, Public Works, and the Police Department.

Civic Center:

The Civic Center will temporarily remain closed to the public. The current meals program will continue.

Recreation Center/Pool:

The Shawano Recreation Center and pool will open on May 26. Additional deep cleaning will take place throughout the facility. Facility capacity will be limited. Please be patient as we get everyone back into a schedule.

City Parks/Events/Programming:

All parks, boat launches, sports courts, and playgrounds will remain open as they are now. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide signage at all public parks encouraging park users to practice healthy behaviors as they relate to minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Park shelters and restrooms will be open as of May 26. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at least once daily. The City recommends that events held at park shelters have fewer than 50 participants.

The splash pad will be closed until at least June 10.

Programs facilitated by the Parks and Recreation Department will be offered with the recommendation that participants follow social distancing and engage in behaviors that minimize the spread of COVID-19. Please contact the Recreation Center for registration and start up information as it relates to each program.

Local groups that typically utilize parks and public spaces for their events can do so effective immediately, however it will be at the discretion of each organization to determine if they will offer their programs as planned. Because the highest risk to our community is providing events where numerous people from different geographic areas come together, tournaments will be prohibited in City Parks. The city will be providing best practice guidelines and it is expected that each organization will implement best practices to engage in social distancing and behaviors that limit the spread of COVID-19.

Thursdayz@Franklin will be cancelled through the month of June.

The Common Council will be re-evaluating the continued closure of the Civic Center and the splash pad on June 10. Events, including Thursdayz@Franklin, will be re-evaluated at a later date.