Candidate Joe Biden has a health care plan


To the editor:

Biden has real plans for health care.

Yes, candidate for president Joe Biden has one. President Donald Trump? No, he has a “Trust me. I’ll get ‘it’ to you after the election.” Sad.

The Biden health care plan centers around reinforcing portions of the Affordable Care Act and improving access to care. Whether one has coverage through an employer or has to purchase one’s own, there will be a “like-Medicare” (not present Medicare) option.

Some portions of the “public option” will be for those who don’t have Medicaid benefits that they may qualify for in another state. It’s a great idea to even the insurance playing field for those stuck in states that do not provide for their own citizenry.

Biden’s proposal would lower prescription drug prices within Medicare. It would create an independent commission to oversee and regulate the price of drugs, present and new ones, and get rid of tax breaks given to pharmaceutical corporations on advertising.

Programs for the training of workers would happen to aid Americans suffering from opioid addictions first focusing on the thousands of addicted veterans.

Finally, Biden would seek the creation of a public health jobs corps, which would employ thousands of Americans as health care workers in medically underserved communities to work in and for disease prevention.

Most importantly, any pre-existing condition in all plans would be mandatory.

I urge anyone in Wisconsin who has had problems getting insurance and maintaining it, as well as businesses that offer plans to their employees that would lower total costs for their plans, to vote for Biden, building us back better.

Edward Johnson, Clintonville