Bieber’s fair comments generate laughter


To the editor:

I read the Sept. 11 Shawano Leader article entitled “Sheriff announces hope’s return to community,” and I laughed out loud. Adam Bieber made his remarks at the Shawano County Fair’s opening ceremony.

Knowing that Bieber is a die-hard Trump sycophant, what he said was an amazing read. It sounded like he was actually criticizing Donald Trump, saying there is good, in spite of “political leaders and the media trying to divide us.” He continued with, “We need to drop the labels and become Americans,” and “These values have helped to develop the most diverse nation.” He said the media only cares about ratings.

Trump (our divider-in-chief) would not have liked this article. Neither would Rush Limbaugh and those on Fox News, including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram.

Maybe the sheriff has finally seen the light and is actually endorsing Joe Biden.

One can only hope.

Mary Arnold, Shawano