Arrest warrant issued for Retzlaff

Former campground owner allegedly left Wisconsin without permission
Luke Reimer

Two bail jumping charges have been filed against Ann Retzlaff after she had allegedly left Wisconsin on Dec. 1.

If convicted, Retzlaff faces fines up up to $10,000 and six years in prison for each count of bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, Retzlaff allegedly received a ride from a couple in Reedsburg to a Shell Station in New Buffalo, Michigan. The complaint states that Retzlaff told the couple that she was meeting up with a man named Brian. The complaint also states that Retzlaff had mentioned Holland, Michigan. The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department was notified after the woman who had dropped Retzlaff off at the Shell gas station allegedly had an uneasy feeling about Retzlaff, looked her up online and called the sheriff’s department.

Retzlaff’s bond condition state that she is not to leave the state without prior permission.

Law enforcement made contact with the woman who had given Retzlaff a ride and called the complaint in. Retzlaff allegedly told the woman that she was afraid for her life and she needed to get to a Shell gas station. The woman told law enforcement that Retzlaff said that she had been in the United States Army, was helping to take down a sex trafficking ring and that there was a hit on her head.

She went on to say that when she arrived at Retzlaff’s residence to pick her up, Retzlaff was carrying a full laundry basket, a printer box, a huge garbage bag, a box with perishable food items and more boxes containing various items.

When the the couple and Retzlaff got to the Shell gas station in New Buffalo, they had dinner at a nearby McDonald’s and waited for Brian. The woman said that there was not much conversation when Brian arrived, because the two wanted to leave quickly. The criminal complaint does not say what happened after that.

Retzlaff was in court on Dec. 5 for a bond motion, in which she requested to leave the state to go on vacation with her children. At that court hearing, District Attorney Greg Parker had said that the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department had received information from the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department that Retzlaff had left the jurisdiction and if that was the case, he would file bail jumping charges.

At that Dec. 5 court hearing, Marathon County Judge Michael Moran said that he would grant Retzlaff her request if she were to provide a detailed itinerary about what where she was going and with who. According to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, that was granted on Dec. 9.

No court date was set and an arrest warrant was issued for Retzlaff.

A final pre-trial is set for Jan. 12 though, as Retzlaff was charged in May 2021 with one count of fleeing and eluding officers, two counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety and one misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer. She was also charged with one misdemeanor count of resisting and failing to stop in Menominee County. She was later charged with bail jumping and disorderly conduct in April after not appearing for court dates in 2021.

In Retzlaff’s initial criminal complaint, it was stated that a vehicle that was involved in a high-speed chase was registered in Retzlaff’s name in Keshena and continued through the towns of Wescott and Richmond, before ending on state Highway 29. When asking Retzlaff to leave the vehicle, she had allegedly told a deputy that she was “a sovereign citizen” and refused to exit the vehicle. At that point, the deputy had allegedly tried using a slim jim car opening tool to open the door, to which Retzlaff allegedly tried to drive off, just missing from hitting two Shawano County deputies.

The vehicle was eventually stopped, where law enforcement was able to pull Retzlaff out of the car. From there, she was handcuffed and allegedly said that the deputies were taking part in covering up sex trafficking.